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Judo’s Neil Adams Seminar attended by Lee Mullan of Keiryu Practical Karate

Judo’s Neil Adams Effective Fighting Seminar attended by Lee Mullan and Yuvi of Keiryu Practical Karate

On the morning of Saturday, 18th March 2017, Yuvi & I from Keiryu Practical Karate, joined by Russell from Colchester Combat Karate, traveled 2.5 hours (150 miles) to attend a Neil Adams (Judo) seminar hosted by John Johnston (Adaptive Karate) at Modern Combatives & Self Defence Academy, Derby.

This event was ‘a seminar of effective fighting for all martial artists‘ by Judo’s Neil Adams, MBE an English judoka who won numerous Olympic and World Championship medals in judo representing Great Britain.’ This was for karateka who wanted to improve their gripping and throwing skills, as well as some groundwork, take-downs and submissions.

Upon our arrival we were quickly assembled, and although we didn’t really know what to expect, this seminar was aimed at karateka, so it was not for high level judo players, therefore not overly technical, and easily transferable. Neil was a warm and friendly coach, who’s delivery was clear and concise, and he was generous with all of his answers to everyone’s questions.

Judo's Neil Adams, MBE and Lee Mullan - 18/03/2017

Judo’s Neil Adams, MBE and Lee Mullan – 18/03/2017

We began gently with some movement games, that I have already stared to use in a karate class this morning. There were penalties of press-ups, which aided the excitement of these exercises. We moved onto judo hip throws, sweeps, arm bars, pinning, defence, chokes and strangles, then as we approached the end of the training, all of these aspects were incorporated into the sparring.

Judo's Neil Adams, MBE and Yuvi Derby 18.03.2017

Yuvi with Judo’s Neil Adams, MBE

It was a real pleasure to train under the Judo 8th Dan and Olympic coach, Neil Adams MBE. This has been another highlight to my development, and it was great to meet Neil’s wife, Niki, former Olympic judoka , and to see Neil working with their daughter, Brooke as his uke.  It was also great to meet up with my karate friends from around the country, and to make new ones.

It’s always great to train under such high level coaches, who can explain, demonstrate, and make people feel at ease. Who give honest, constructive feedback, and make the learning experience such a pleasant one.

Friends :)

Karate Friends Attending Judo’s Neil Adams’ Effective Fighting Seminar in Derby

Many thanks to all my partners and travelling companions on the day – You were all part of the fantastic day that it was). I very much look forward to seeing you again before too long, and definitely to train under Neil again – an opportunity not to be missed!

Best wishes,

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