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Keiryu Practical Karate Newsletter February 2017

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017


We’re now well into the beginning of the year, and with gradings approaching it is a busy time for all of us at Keiryu Practical Karate.

I’m very pleased to report that everyone is making progress, and it’s always worth reminding everyone that progress, no matter how slow (or fast), is progress. We’re not all the same, and some things are easier for us to do than others, but that is what makes the world an interesting place – Diversity.


Additional Children’s Class in MaldonWake up be awesome repeat


There will be a new children’s class beginning on Friday, 3rd March at Blackwater Leisure Centre, Maldon. This is in addition to the children’s class on Monday evenings. This will allow additional training opportunities for those who wish to train more, for those who cannot make it on Mondays, and for those who miss a session, but still want to get their weekly session in.


Neil Adams Course – Club Closure Notice

On Saturday, 18th March I will be attending a seminar in Derby, so the Silver End Club will be closed.
Details with a report on this event will follow in the next newsletter.

March Gradings

The next batch of club gradings will be at the end of March. The dates are as follows:


Saturday 25th  – Silver End

Sunday 26th – Benton Hall Golf & Country Club

Monday 27th  – Maldon

Tuesday 28th – Maldon Primary School & Silver End

Wednesday 29th – John Bunyan Primary School & Maldon

Friday 31st – Rivenhall C of E Primary School


I will inform those who are ready to take the grading test, and those who are not ready for this grading. The next gradings will be in July.


Iain Abernethy Seminar – 9th April 2017


On Sunday, 9th April 2017 I have the pleasure of hosting Iain Abernethy for his seminar for the second year.

This time the theme will be on the joint-locking methods and drills as recorded in the traditional kata. The seminar will run from 11:00-15:00 and there are limited places. Tickets cost £30 each. I would suggest that this should be open to students of 13 years+


If you have any questions, please give me a shout.

There are very few places left on this course, so if you want to attend, book here.

Easter Closure Dates

All Classes are closed over Easter this year, so there’s no training on the following dates:
Friday, 14th April – Maldon

Saturday, 15th April – Silver End

Sunday, 16th April – Benton Hall Golf & Country Club

Monday, 17th April – Maldon

June Closure Dates


I’m away to Shropshire in June for the Iain Abernethy Residential Course again this year, so the clubs will be closed on the following dates:

Friday, 23rd June – Rivenhall Primary School & Maldon

Saturday, 24th June – Silver End

Sunday, 25th June – Benton Hall Golf & Country Club

Monday, 26th June – Maldon



As always, If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns, I’m very happy to speak to you about these as I always appreciate hearing from you.


Best wishes,
Lee Mullan

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