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Keiryu Practical Karate April Newsletter

Hello to you all!
I hope that you had a good Easter break, and that you are now looking forward to the warmer weather.

Grading News

I’d like to congratulate everyone who was successful with the recent gradings. You all look very smart in your new belts. This was another large batch of gradings, and I understand that it’s quite a stressful time for you all. On that note, the next gradings will be in July, so it’s time to pick up the pace in preparation for these tests.
As a reminder, this is what you need to fulfil to take the test

  1. The student will have to be able to demonstrate what’s required on the syllabus to an acceptable standard – This can only be judged by the instructor.
  2. % of attendance. There’s a minimum requirement of classes that need to be attended between grades, as well as the minimum time wait requirement. Remember – It’s about the acquisition of skill, not rank that is important.

Everyone worked really hard during their grading, and I’m also looking at how much effort is put in during the classes! If you aren’t ready to take your grading, don’t worry. Keep improving and the new grade will come as a consequence of your efforts.

Grading Syllabus


Seminar Report

The Iain Abernethy Seminar at the beginning of the month was another success. It was really good to have another nice turn out from our students, and Iain commented at how well you all did!
Iain will be back in December, and I’m already looking forward to this.
For those who didn’t make it to the seminar, it was 4 hours of pair work where we were learning and improving joint locking skills. As always, whatever we learn during any special courses filters its way back into the teaching – So you won’t miss out completely if you can’t make it.


FullSizeRender (3)

Keiryu Practical Karate members with Iain Abernethy


Iain Abernethy Seminar in Witham, Essex

Iain Abernethy Seminar Witham, Essex – 9th April 2017


July Grading

As mentioned above, the next gradings will be in July, and I am currently looking at the dates for these for the Maldon & Silver End clubs. These are likely to be week commencing 22nd July 2017


Seminar News

I have just confirmed and published details about another seminar that we are hosting this year –
This time we will have Neil Adams MBE, 8th Dan, who is known mostly for his Olympic & World Championship results in Judo, we have been asked on several occasions to address the needs of the developing judoka and the coaching system that supports them.
This ‘Essential Judo’ seminar is for karate students to increase their gripping, throwing, locking, choking, and ground skills, which are all present in karate too. Yuvi and I traveled to Derby recently to attend one of these courses, and not only was it very useful, it was lots of fun too. Neil is a very nice guy, which helps, and his teaching method is great.

Neil Adams Effective Fighting

Iain Abernethy will be back with us in December – This time the theme for the seminar is Pinan Yondan & Niseishi kata bunkai & drills.


Iain Abernethy Seminar in Maldon Essex

I also have plans for another big name in martial arts to come to us next year as well as Iain Abernethy returning in 2018 in April & December.

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