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Keiryu Practical Karate Grading syllabus


To reflect our progressive teaching methods Keiryu Practical Karate has two syllabuses. There is a clear distinction between ‘Children’s Karate’ and the Karate that is undertaken by adults. The junior syllabus integrates into the adult syllabus as students become a suitable age, or develop the maturity to move onto the next level.


Junior Syllabus (approx. age 6-14 yrs)

Children at the younger end of this group have an eagerness to learn and are able to absorb information that is taught to them. However, they have a short attention span and limits to their cognitive and physical abilities. The early kyu grades reflect this and children are not required to remember long sequences or remain in a stationary position for long periods of time. As they mature their attention span lengthens and the physical and cognitive abilities develop, with this kata (sequences of movement) and renraku waza (combination techniques) can be introduced.

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Adult Syllabus (15 yrs +)

The adult syllabus represents a full karate education. Karate techniques must be demonstrated as effective techniques, measured by their practical application, rather than solely on aesthetics. For this reason, striking techniques are applied to impact equipment, rather than air punching and kicking. Throws, take-downs and locks are also demonstrated. Ground techniques and fighting is introduced in the adult syllabus and although it is not advantageous to ground fight in a self-protection situation, students need the knowledge of how to escape from the ground and get to their feet and escape. Knowledge of chokes, strangles, eye gouges, and joint manipulation and other techniques record in kata are required but demonstrated without full force.


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