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Silver End Village Hall, Broadway, Silver End, Essex, CM8 3RQ.

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Karate Classes in Maldon and Silver

Welcome to Keiryu Practical Karate. Keiryu Practical karate offers a fun, friendly and safe environment to learn karate. We offer classes in Maldon and Silver End.

At Keiryu Practical Karate we deliver a karate system with realism and modern training principles. Leading to an exciting comprehensive karate programme offering something for everyone. Adults and children from the age of 6 years are welcome.

Keep fit, improve confidence, whilst learning both mental and physical aspects of self defence. Start your journey today. Book a trial lesson now!

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Tel: 07720258658

Where We Teach

Keiryu Practical Karate teach at:

Maldon Blackwater Leisure Centre, Park Drive, Maldon


Silver End Village Hall, Broadway, Silver End.

Training in karate is a great way to learn new skills, improve fitness, increase confidence, have fun and meet new people.

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Children's Karate

Our children's classes teach your child basic techniques and karate forms. Play, fun and movement are important aspects of growth and development. These are incorporated into classes for children.

Confidence which comes from success. So we award a belt system as an indication of a child's progress through their karate education.

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Teens and Adults Karate

Teens and adults'classes are a progression and distinct from the children's classes, as karate techniques begin to be applied, with more partner, impact and ground work.

Each class is varied and contains aspects from our syllabus and curriculum. Week by week we aim to build confidence in a structured, friendly but challenging and fun environment.

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What People Say

"Lee Mullan is an extremely enthusiastic karateka and is not one to rest on his laurels. Lee has an excellent pedigree in traditional karate and understands its application in the modern world. He is one of a small number of people to be qualified as an Introductory Instructor in my approach to kata application / practical karate and I recommend him and his group to anyone wanting quality karate with a genuine relevance to modern self-protection."

Iain Abernethy, 6th Dan -

"Lee is a very good and talented teacher. His teaching skills are amazing and encouraging. Lee is friendly, helpful & kind, but firm. He is popular and his students are growing in number day by day."

S. Vithian

Keiryu Practical Karate - Martial Arts Classes in Silver End

About Us

Since 2014 Keiryu Practical Karate has been offering high quality karate tuition, helping students work towards, and achieve their individual goals.

Not only do we look at basic techniques, we also look at the practical application of techniques. Unlike many karate groups we have three separate syllabuses: children, intermediate and adult. This allows for a clear progression from children’s karate to adult’s karate, leading to a comprehensive teaching structure.

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